Loose Wires

(ENJ 90712)


July 1997 Guitar Player Magazine wrote: " Against Godard's tuba chugs and Nauseef's traps, Tadić plays outside melody lines and dark rhythmic clusters that evoke some of Zappa's best whole-tone-inspired solos. A tone craftsman, Tadić creates huge, breathy timbres. Even when saturated, they're rich with detail."




  1. Chanson pour Lise (M. Godard)
  2. Stara pesma (M. Tadić)
  3. Monster (M. Godard)
  4. It's Still Quite Dark, But There Are Some Signs Of Light (M. Nauseef)
  5. Bakija (M. Tadić)
  6. Les enfants qui s'aiment (V. Kosma)
  7. Emilio (M. Tadić)
  8. Spiritual (J. Coltrane)
  9. The Locust Have Returned... (Godard / Tadić / Nauseef)
  10. Down Home Where the Blowfish Roam (Nauseef / Tadić / Godard)
  11. The Immaculate Conception (Tadić / Nauseef / Godard)

Michel Godard, tuba and serpent.

Miroslav Tadić, classical and electric guitars, homemade devices .

Mark Nauseef, drums and percussion.

Recorded in June 1995 by Walter Quintus at CMP Studio Zerkall, Germany.

Produced by Loose Wires and Walter Quintus.

Art direction by Esther Mera. Follow this link to take a closer look at artwork.