Still Light (for Paracelsus)



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1. Calcinatio auri (M. Stockhausen)
2. Still Light (M. Nauseef)
3. Aurum foliatum (Nauseef / Tadić / Stockhausen)
4. Aurum potabile (M. Tadić)
5. Materia prima (Nauseef / Tadić / Stockhausen)
6. Aqua regis (Nauseef / Tadić / Stockhausen)

Mark Nauseef on drums, gongs and sounds.

Miroslav Tadić on classical and classical contra-bass guitars.

Markus Stockhausen on trumpet, piccolo trumpet and flugelhorn.

Recorded in March 1993 at the Harmony Hall in Matsumoto, Japan by Todd Garfinkle.

Cover photo by Takiko Kawai.

Design and production by Todd Garfinkle.