(LEO LR 435)

There is not much to say about this CD, except that it will take a firm place among 10-15 best ever CDs in the entire Leo Records catalogue. This music can be a hint of what Miles Davis might have achieved in his later years had he been able to rise above the banalities of rock and jazz fusion. This is some mysterious, cosmic, brooding music like nothing you've heard before. Wadada Leo Smith plays his great trumpet, Walter Quintus - computer & processing, Katya Quintus - voice, Miroslav Tadić - classical & baritone guitar, and Mark Nauseef - percussion & live electronics. *

*(from the Leo records release note)

Reviews: One Final Note, BBC

1. uncoiling (2:36)
2. cosmoil (3:37)
3. disembodyism (1:10)
4. over the influence (2:55)
5. yopo (4:20)
6. black bell mother (2:39)
7. majounish (1:57)
8. kawami wama (5:25)
9. speeds per coil (3:12)
10. nether liquid nor gaseous, Torn (3:58)
11. gold green melt (4:04)
12. gangah wallah (5:09)
13. rivers of swans (3:03)
14. coiling (3:31)

All compositions by Nauseef, Quintus, Quintus, Smith and Tadić

Recorded during 2003 and 2004 in Germany and California by Walter Quintus and Miriam Kolar.
Mixed and mastered by Walter Quintus

Produced by Nauseef, Tadić & Quintus.