With Space In Mind



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1. Oil On Water (for John Bergamo)
2. Gears (for Leonice Shinneman)
3. Arrows From Arjuna
4. Up From The Swamp Of Delusion
5. A Slug On The Rug
6. Soul Singing
7. Observation
8. With Space In Mind
9. Bright White Light

All compositions by Mark Nauseef

The instruments used on this recording are as follows:

1) OIL ON WATER / Chinese drum, 2 Sonor bass drums and tom toms, Thai
gongs, Paiste Sound Creation gongs, Korean sham gong, fu in luo (Peking opera gong)and chime bars.
2) GEARS / Chinese drum, 2 Sonor bass drums and tom toms, 1964 Slingerland snare drum with snares off and 22 inch Ziljian cymbal.
3) ARROWS FROM ARJUNA / 5 Chinese temple bells.
4) UP FROM THE SWAMP OF DELUSION / prepared chime bars, Chinese
drum, 2 Sonor bass drums, Thai gongs, Korean shaman gong, fu in luo
(Peking opera gong) and Paiste Sound Creation gongs.
5) A SLUG ON THE RUG / Thai gongs, hi-hat, bass drum, Moroccan bendir
and a 22 inch (very funky) old Ziljian cymbal.
6) SOUL SINGING / 2 Wuhan (China) wind gongs played with superballs.
7) OBSERVATION / chime bars, 2 Sonor bass drums, and floor tom.
8) WITH SPACE IN MIND / chime bars, 2 Sonor bass drums, snare drum
tom toms, Korean shaman gong, Paiste Sound Creation gongs, 1 pair of very old Paiste hi-hats, Chinese drum, and 22 inch Paiste Sound Creation Dark ride cymbal.
9) BRIGHT WHITE LIGHT / one 5 inch Wuhan (China) bell cymbal.

Recorded in March 1993 and March 1994 at The Harmony Hall, Matsumoto, Japan.

All photography by Miha Vipotnik.

Produced, engineered and designed by Todd Garfinkle.