Jack Bruce: A Question Of Time   

Acadia 8155



      1. Life On Earth (Bruce)
     2. Make Love (Bruce/Brown)
     3. No Surrender (Bruce/Brown)
     4. Flying (Bruce/Brown)
     5. Hey Now Princess (Bruce/Brown)
     6. Blues You Can't Lose (Dixon)
     7. Obsession (Bruce/Brown)
     8. Kwela (Bruce)
     9. Let Me Be (Bruce/Brown)

     10. Only Playing Games (Bruce/Brown)
   11. A Question of Time (Bruce/Brown)
   12. Grease the Wheels (CD bonus track) (Bruce/Brown)

Recorded in 1989

Personnell: Ginger Baker,Vernon Reid, Vivian Campbell, Allan Holdsworth, Bernie Worrell, Albert Collins, Jimmy Ripp, Paul Barrere, Tony Williams, Gary "Bone" Cooper, Margrit, Malcolm, and Jonas Bruce, Mark Nauseef, Zakir Hussain, Dougie Bowne, Nicky Hopkins, Steve Jordan, The Savage Horns, The SoMa Footlights Chorus, and The Golden Gate Boys Choir.