(CMP 28)



1.  Du Reptile
2.  Even Darker
3.  Happy Days slash Hate slash Tatum
4.  Him & Her
5.  Heavy Metal
6.  King Krad
7.  Republic of Darkness
8.  Brenner
9.  The Spectator

All compositions by DARK

Mark Nauseef, drums, Casio synthesizer, percussion, vibraphone, Synare II
Catherine Guard, voice
Leonice Shinneman, African, North and South Indian percussion, steel drums, Casio synthesizer
Mark London Sims, bass, percussion, keyboards

Recorded by Walter Quintus at Studio Zerkall, Germany in 1986

Produced by Kurt Renker and Walter Quintus with Mark Nauseef

Cover by Ulf von Kanitz