Birds Of A Feather

(UTR 4102)


Unearthly, wondrous, radical, unlimited dimensions of expanding consciousness

...words saying nothing...

Perhaps quoting Goethe is best when trying to describe the indescribable:
"The highest that man can attain in these matters is wonder; if the primary phenomenon causes this, let him be satisfied; more it cannot bring; and he should forebear to seek for anything further behind it: here is the limit."



  1. Interlude I
  2. Interlude II
  3. Interlude III
  4. Interlude IV
  5. Interlude V
  6. Suite I
  7. Interlude VI
  8. Interlude VII
  9. Interlude VIII
  10. Interlude IX
  11. Interlude X
  12. Valsette
  13. Suite II
  14. Interlude XI
  15. Interlude XII
  16. Interlude XIII
  17. Interlude XIV
  18. Interlude XV
  19. Suite III

all compositions by Courvoisier / Nauseef


Sylvie Courvoisier on piano and prepared piano

Mark Nauseef on percussion and electronics


Recorded in 1997 at CMP Studios, Zerkall, Germany by Walter Quintus.

Produced by Nauseef & Courvoisier

Photography by Mario del Curto

Art direction by Ulf von Kanitz