Let's be Generous

(CMP 53)


This is what drummer Bill Bruford said about Mark Nauseef and Let's Be generous in his November 1991 Wire Magazine interview: "Great drumming. This is where you'd hope Jimi Hendrix Experience would have got to. I have to say that it gets my blood going to hear Mark Nauseef rather than some of the older guys now. Five out of five."

In his November 1992 Berkeley Weekly review, Henry Kaiser wrote: "If this is jazz, then it's certainly the most daring, original, and innovative jazz recording I've heard this year. Mark Nauseef's Tony Williams vs. John French drumming, Miroslav Tadić's John McLaughlin meets Zoot Horn Rollo guitar stylings, Tony Newton's bass virtuosity and Joachim Kühn's incredibly peculiar, unfashionable, and distorted keyboard sounds all unite and create something that nobody has ever heard before."


  1. The Prophet (E. Dolphy)
  2. Senegal (J. Kühn)
  3. Avant Garage (M. Tadić)
  4. Always Yours (J. Kühn)
  5. Something Sweet, Something Tender (E. Dolphy)
  6. The Captain And I (J. Kühn)
  7. Heavy Hanging (J. Kühn)
  8. Don't Disturb My Groove (J. Kühn)
  9. Snake Oil (T. Newton)
  10. Bintang (M. Nauseef)
  11. Kissing The Feet (Kühn / Nauseef / Newton / Tadić)

Let's Be Generous is:

Joachim Kühn on electronic keyboards and piano.

Mark Nauseef on drums, gongs, cymbals, Chinese drums, temple bells, metal plates, "magic drum", ADD II digital drums and junk.

Tony Newton on bass.

Miroslav Tadić on guitar.

Recorded in August 1990 at Ztudio Zerkall, Germany by Walter Quintus.

Produced by Nauseef & Tadić with Kurt Renker and Walter Quintus.

Art direction by Ulf von Kanitz. Follow this link to take a closer look at artwork.